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Between Haut Var and Haute Provence

The charming Hotel Le Moulin du Château

“People in the south have the same colours in their bedrooms as those they see outside!”

Enjoy a peaceful night on a large, comfy bed, surrounded by colours inspired by the natural area outside. Savour the sight of the walls’ warm tones. If you’re not ready to go to sleep, share your day’s experiences, plan tomorrow’s, or just lie back and do nothing at all! You’ll also appreciate the floor made from traditional local Salernes terracotta and the artisan forged iron that makes up your bed and night-stand. Our hotel at the border of the Haut Var and the Haute Provence Alps is an invitation to relax.


When it’s time for breakfast...

With so much to do, you’ll need to start your day right! Don’t leave without enjoying your buffet breakfast, made from local and organic produce where possible. Enjoy bread from the Fourdrain bakery in Régusse, croissants, homemade cakes, cereal, dried and fresh fruit, homemade jam, homemade yoghurt, fruit and fromage frais pots, cheese, deli meats, fruit juice and eggs (on request). 

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